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-        3 pack resistance bands

-        1x Easy Resistance, 1x Medium Resistance, 1x Heavy Resistance

-        Premium latex bands

-        Stronger, Thicker and Durable

-        Comes with a carry bag.


Glute bands are used for home workouts and physical training. These bands are fit for every kind of physical exercise and help beginners as well as fitness lovers to achieve their fitness goals. If you are looking for glute bands under $30 then do not hesitate to buy SURI bands. 

SURI Wear understands the importance of glute bands in the daily workout routine that’s why we are providing high-quality resistance bands at an affordable price.  Our bands are made with high-quality material allowing high resistance and long-lasting performance. Each band is designed with varying levels of resistance allowing you to customize your workout according to your fitness levels and goals.

Specifications of SURI glute bands

Here are a few specifications of SURI glute that sets them apart:

Size and Shape

Our bands are available in three sizes, small, medium, and heavy. The different sizes mean SURI bands can be used for different kinds of training and workouts. Our bands are specially designed with wider and shorter lengths that allow optimal placement among the thighs. The design of the band ensures maximum activation of glute muscles during exercise.


Our bands are not only focused on the glute muscles. Suri glute bands can be used for various exercises targeting different muscles. Our bands can engage and strengthen various lower body muscles, including the hips, thighs, and hamstrings.

Adjustable fitness level

    Everyone has their own fitness goals, and we know this. That’s why our bands have different resistance levels. Whether you are a beginner or fitness enthusiast you can use these to achieve your fitness goals.

    Comfort and Durability

    Our bands are made with good quality, durable, and comfortable material. The bands’ smooth texture and secure grip ensure a pleasant exercise experience. This also helps to maintain stability and control during exercise.


    Our bands are portable and come with a carry bag and can be taken anywhere so that you can continue your exercises and fitness journey anywhere. Whether you are traveling, at home, or gym these bands can be taken anywhere easily.


    Our bands are a cost-effective option for beginners and fitness lovers. We offer glute bands in Australia under $A30.

    Experience resistance like never before in your next workout with Suri Glute Bands in $A30

    Whether you are working out at home, need help to increase your squat control, or want some serious glute activation, Suri Glute bands are a must-have.

    With our bands, you are set for a killer glute workout. The three different resistance levels mean you decide how intense you want your workout to be. They are perfect for resistance training or glute activation and will intensify any workout, anywhere!

    If you are looking for glute bands in Australia under $30, SURI glute bands are your best choice. 


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    This product is amazing.

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    The product is amazing.

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    The produts are reallly amazing and cool. The products quality is really Good. Highly recommended.